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Nick's Noise : The Church Of The Sinful Blues


For those interested: my main guitars are RUOKANGAS from Finland. (Duke Special, Duke Deluxe, VSOP Standard, King, XO)

My main axe for the CD Nick's Noise : The Church of the Sinful Blues was my white VSOP Standard fitted with Haeussel Strat type single coils for about 95%, The rest was played on my '63 Strat

Other electrics: 

not important



CUNTZ Penelope , www.cuntz-guitars.de

'37 National Duolian, Gibson J 200jr., Artur LANG Jazz Guitar;   plus some  resonator guitars.



Bluguitar Amp1 with Blubox and Nanocab

Fender Blues Jr. Mk3
Dumble-clone by Henk van der Kolk/Holland
Dumble-clone by LARRY Grohmann  www.larry-amplification.de
Marshall Mod by LARRY Grohmann
Fishman Loudbox Mini 

My floorboard for  The Sinful Blues:

  • Ibanez Wah WH10
  • Boss TU3
  • Zendrive
  • Fulltone Deja Vibe
  • TC Flashback Delay
  • TC Hall Of Fame

CD recorded with Boss GT10 for wah, chorus, reverb, delay, univibe; in the fx- loop: Zendrive, EH B9, Robotalk, Freqout, Buguitar Amp1 and Blubox


Ekkehard Muther plays a Ruokangas Steambass (first prototype) and an ARIA upright bass through a TC Combo RH 450


Nick's Noise : The Church Of The Sinful Blues:


Leider müssen wir wegen Erkrankung eines Bandmitglieds bis auf Weiteres alle Konzerte absagen.

Unsere neue und zumindest auch optisch wunderschöne CD kann per mail an soultingo@gmx.at für (läppische) € 17.- inklusive Versand, bestellt werden.:-)