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Reverend Ed & The Church Of The Sinful Blues


For those interested: my main guitars are RUOKANGAS from Finland. (Duke Special, Duke Deluxe, VSOP Standard, King, XO) My main axes are my black Duke Special that Juha made to my specs (now with the wonderfull Haeussel 1959 pickups) and my XO fitted with two Single Sonics and a Dukebucker in the bridge position.

Other electrics: 

'75 Gibson L5 CES,  '63 Fender Strat, '64 Gretsch Nashville,



CUNTZ Penelope , '37 National Duolian, Gibson J 200jr., Artur LANG Jazz Guitar;   plus some  resonator guitars.

Hopefully coming soon my special ordered CUNTZ Penelope!


VOX  AC15 handwired
Fender Blues Jr. Mk3
Dumble-clone by Henk van der Kolk/Holland
Dumble-clone by LARRY Grohmann  www.larry-amplification.de
Marshall Mod by LARRY Grohmann
Fishman Loudbox Mini (acoustic guitar amp) 

My floorboard for  The Sinful Blues:

  • Ibanez Wah WH10
  • Boss TU3
  • Zendrive
  • Simble OD
  • Fulltone Dejy Vibe
  • TC Flashback Delay
  • TC Hall Of Fame



Ekkehard Muther plays a Ruokangas Steambass (first prototype) and an ARIA upright bass through a TC Combo RH 450


Reverend Ed & The Church Of The Sinful Blues:


Wir arbeiten an einer CD mit Instrumentalnummern, Erscheinungstermin Frühjahr 2018